Tuesday 8/26

Accumulate as fast as possible:
100 Deadlift @ 95/65
75 Push Up
50 Toe 2 Bar
40 Cal row
30 Strict Pull Up


Today’s workout is a little different than most days. Most of our workouts have a set order or number of reps you have to complete each round, but not today. For today we’re going to allow you all to break up any of the reps any way you want, to do the movements in any order you’d like and truthfully, just as the top line says simply get this work done as quickly as you can.

What that means is that if you’d like to start out doing 10 deadlifts, then moving to the pull ups for a set of 5, then knock out 15 push up and go back to the deadlift for 20 more etc, etc, you’re welcome to. Your goal is to finish it all as quickly as you can.

It should also be mentioned that it’s really rare for us to talk about how the workout is going to be handled on the blog, but I really wanted all of you to have a chance to think about how you’d like to handle this one before you come in to do it. There is no “right” strategy except for the one that will get you from start to finish the fastest.

This one ought to be fun!




Banded Speed Deadlift
EMOM for 10 min
2 reps @ 50-65% of 1rm

Bulgarian split squat off bench w/ barbell in front rack.


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