Saturday 8/23

10 Min AMRAP
100m Run
7 Push Press @ 95/65
7 Power Snatch @ 95/65


Range of Motion, and why it matters.

Some may wonder why at CrossFit SAC we  put so much emphasis on traveling through the full range of motion for any given movement. Here are some of the reasons why, in no particular order.

– Taking your joints through their anatomical end ranges strengthens the maximum amount of muscle around that joint creating a stronger, healthier more stable and more capable body. Training partial range of motion only builds strength in the range of motion trained so when life demands that joint be taken to end range it will lack the ability to properly contract and operate at a fraction of it’s potential.

– Moving through a full range of motion increases intensity, and intensity is what gives us results. Given the equation for work which is Force X Distance = Work, it’s easy to see that traveling a larger distance (by performing full range of motion movements) produces more work. If you were to divide that work done by time, such as FXD/time you would have the equation for average power. Average power is defined as intensity. So by taking our joints through a full range of motion we are increasing intensity and thereby improving our results.

– Full range of motion removes “wiggle room”. We measure just about everything we do in CrossFit, and it’s important that we do so in order to track our results. It’s also important to remember though that in order to measure these results we need consistency. For example, if today I do “Cindy” but some of the time I get lazy in my push up and keep my knees on the ground too long or don’t lock out my arms, I can still keep track of my score but it’s effectively meaningless. The entire reason we keep score is to be able to compare one effort with another. What that means is that if I change the range of motion through which I travel and especially if I do it inconsistently, I now have lost any ability to measure that effort.

So keep training through that full range of motion to avoid the pitfalls and reap the rewards described above.


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