Monday 8/18

For time:
1k row
800m run
40 Burpee



The image below is called the Theoretical Hierarchy for the Development of an Athlete. Intentionally it is set up as a pyramid because just like a pyramid the closer to are to the bottom the more important things become AND because everything towards the top relies completely on the foundation below.

Note that that bottom most section is Nutrition, because what we eat is truly the most important piece to developing our physical potential. This comes as no surprise to most of you I’m sure, and we could fill countless blog posts about how our food quality and quantity dictate so much of what we’re capable.

The section directly above though, Metabolic Conditioning, is often neglected for the flashier, sexier segments above. It is, however, a more important piece in athletic development.

Metabolic Conditioning is basically the body’s ability to store and deliver energy for activity. Traditionally this is thought of as “cardio” but with CrossFit we use this term, abbreviated as met-con because we understand that there is a significant metabolic response to weightlifting and gymnastics movements as well as traditional cardio type exercises like running.

I’d like you to ask yourself what slows you down in workouts. Is it the muscle burn that you can’t deal with any more so you rest? Maybe sometimes. Most of the time I’m willing to bet that the breaks you take in workouts are due to the fact that you need to catch your breath. This is true of all of us. What it speaks to is a need to improve the body’s ability to store and deliver energy, our metabolic conditioning. The best part about this need is that met-con takes the shortest amount of time to improve. When compared to the body awareness and strength needed to improve gymnastics and the speed, power and strength needed to improve weightlifting movements, the bodies engine is relatively quick to improve.

But quick does not mean easy.

Improving met-con still takes hard work and intensity, two of the pillars upon which CrossFit is built. Occasionally it also takes workouts designed to tax these systems without much regard for gymnastics or weightlifting. That’s what today’s workout is all about.

So, if you’d like to be fitter, and more capable in all of your workouts, today is a great day to come on in!



Bench press, 5×3 reps

Split Jerk 5×2 reps from jerk blocks

100 ab mat sit up



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