Saturday 8/9

4 Rounds for reps
1 Min Kb Swing
1 Min Kb Clean to Push Press
1 Min Kb Snatch
1 Min Rest


Everyone starts CrossFit as a beginner. Whether you’ve had experience with gymnastics, or weightlifting before or maybe you were a track star, you’re still a beginner in this thing called CrossFit. The videos below are a great example of just that.

The first video is Julie Foucher, multiple time Games athlete, in her early days as a CrossFitter. Notice that she looks exactly like she should, she looks like a beginner. The weights are relatively light and she is working on her technique with her coach during a private session. What is of note however is the attention she puts on each movement she performs. Her coach is able to verbally cue her through the reps and she’s able to, with a few exceptions produce the desired result. This shows her dedication and willingness to take instruction. Both of these traits no doubt lead to faster improvement and greater results.


This second video shows just how far she’s come in about 4 years. Clearly there are some positive genetics at play here, there always are with high level athletes. BUT, her dedication and hard work has payed off in spades!

What I hope our athletes take from this is NOT that they should be in the Games after 4 years of CrossFit, but that attention, dedication and hard work always pay off in the end. We certainly can’t guarantee you’ll be a Games level athlete, but we can guarantee you’ll be far fitter than you are now. And in the end that’s what we’re always after, being better than yesterday!




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