Friday 8/8

5 rounds for max reps
Bench Press @ BW
Pull Up

dan and calvin l2


Last weekend Dan and Calvin attended the CrossFit Level 2 Certificate course at “The Ranch” in Aromas. It was an exiting opportunity for the two of them to continue working on their skills as coaches.

In the greater Sacramento area (including Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Lincoln, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Gold River and Sacramento) there are only 7 CrossFit trainers that have gained at least a Level 2 designation, out of 329 L1 Trainers. While a credential is certainly not the end all be all of the mark of a good trainer, the fact that at CrossFit SAC we now have 4 of the 7 L2 trainers in the area in one gym can’t be a bad thing.

What this really speaks to is the dedication of our coaching staff. Each and every one of them cares enough about their craft to continue to pursue new skills and fine tune abilities in an effort to provide the best possible coaching environment to all of our members. If you get a chance, ask either Dan or Calvin what their experience was with the L2, they’ll be happy to chat about it!



Tabata push-ups
*:20 seconds work/ :10 seconds rest x 8 rounds. Rest holding plank position at top of push-up.

Strict ab-mat sit-ups x 50 reps, slow and controlled

Accumulate 3 min handstand hold

100 band pull-aparts


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