Thursday 8/1

10 rounds for time of:

15 push-ups
100-meter sprint


Thank you all so much for the feedback forms you’ve been sending in. We’ve heard your messages and rest assured that each and every submission will be taken into consideration as we continue to strive to provide you the best possible gym we can.

Through your responses we learned that we have accomplished two goals, we have cultivated a diverse membership base and a diverse coaching staff. Because of that diversity, not everybody is going to respond the same way to coaching styles or cuing. That does not mean that the more specific feedback we received will be disregarded, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us and that our coaches make you feel encouraged and empowered but also give you useful cuing and correction.  Our goal for training is that you can walk into any class, any day of the week, at any time and receive high quality coaching. That means that you are greeted when you arrive, that the gym is clear of clutter, there is an appropriate warm up, the WOD is clearly explained, the movements are demonstrated and reviewed and that you feel like you received coaching during class.

That said, please understand that we cannot be everything to everyone. For every suggestion we received about “I wish we didn’t do X…” we also received one that said “I wish we did X more often…”. What I can guarantee is that each and every coach at CrossFit SAC wants only to see all of our athletes succeed. Your success is our success. Your achievement, your progress, your improvement only serves to elevate our entire community and make our gym that much better.

We believe in every one of you. Our job is often to be the voice in your head that tells you to keep moving even or especially when you don’t think you can. Ours is the voice that tells you to stay on the bar for one more rep when all you want to do is put it down and rest, it’s the voice that tells you to run a bit faster when your lungs are burning and your legs are filled with battery acid. Sometimes it’s easy to internalize that voice as us telling you that you’re not good enough or strong enough, when in fact it’s  just the opposite. We believe in you and we believe that you are capable of doing much more than you do and it is literally our job to squeeze every bit of that potential out of you. That coaching and encouragement from us is what sets us apart from what you would experience if you were training elsewhere. The last thing we would ever want people to feel is that they are just paying to use our space and gear.

Even though this was an anonymous servery if you would like to talk to us in person about some of your feedback we would of course welcome a more in depth discussion.




Banded Speed Box Squat
EMOM 10 min
2 reps @ 50-65%

GHD Banded Hip Extension


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