Wednesday 7/30

Banded Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
Banded Pull Up


It’s summer in Sacramento and that means it’s HOT. Because of the daily heat wave we deal with here it’s very important for all of our athletes to remember to drink plenty of water. How much water you ask? I don’t know for sure but I can tell you that the best way to know if you’re current intake is adequate is to look at your urine. What we’re shooting for is opaque urine, not completely clear because that’s a sign that you’ve consumed too much and your system is flushing out not only water but some vital electrolytes, and not yellow because that’s a sign that you’re dehydrated.

So stay on top of your fluid intake, remember that we also get fluid from the food we eat and you’ll have a better summer of training at CrossFit SAC!





W/ 45/35 lb plate on back accumulate 2 min in plank

5x max rep strict handstand push up
w/ 2 min rest between efforts

Single leg broad jump for max distance w/ each leg in 1 hop, 2 hops and 3 hop efforts- record each.


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