Thursday 7/24

Three rounds for time:
75 walking lunge steps
35 Push Press @ 75/55


We have received lots of feedback in response to the survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us. While there will be a more in depth response to the survey in the upcoming days, there are a few comments people have made that are pretty easy to address:

  • We do have a mobile app that allows you to sign up for class via your smartphone. You can find the links to these apps here.
  • There are several online WOD tracking programs that will compute the data from your WODs in all kinds of ways. Beyond the Whiteboard is one that we have used in the past and has only become more detailed and comprehensive. If anyone has an app they use and would recommend, please share!
  • We are having a potluck for the Games on Saturday and Sunday. We will be rolling out the BBQ and grilling some hamburgers. We hope you can hangout with us and watch the fittest on Earth compete!


Banded Speed Box Squat
EMOM 10 min
2 reps @ 50-65%

Banded walk
2 min on 2 min off for 3 rounds
same as Monday


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