Tuesday 7/8

For Time:
800m Run
50 DB Bent over Row @ 45/30
50 Single Arm DB Snatch
50 Burpee


Every weekend I have the priveledge to work a Level 1 seminar I run into athletes that have aspirations of qualifying for Regionals or the Games or being “competitive” (whatever that means). I think it’s very important to realize that there are different versions of CrossFit with different goals.

There is a BIG difference between training to be fit and healthy and training to be the most competitive version of yourself you can be.

Ask yourself why you do CrossFit. Is it to be a healthier version of yourself? Is it to lose weight? Do you want to get stronger? All of these things are absolutely attainable with little more than an hour class 3-5 times a week and some thought put into the food you eat. If you’re after more it’s going to take more out of you to get that. And that’s Ok, but go into this journey knowing the time/dedications/sacrifice/work you’re going to have to put in.



Take 15 minutes to work up to heavy overhead squat
Then 5×2 reps @ 80% of today’s heavy overhead squat

100 barbell good morning @ 45/35


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