Monday 6/30

Mystery Monday

What will the WOD be?

A heavy day?

A Hero WOD perhaps?

We haven’t run a 5k in a while…

If not knowing what the WOD  ahead of time is absolutely driving you crazy, then this will be good practice  dealing with the unknown and unknowable. Life isn’t going to send you a message to clear your afternoon schedule the night before your car breaks down and you have to push it half a mile. And there may come a time where you have to lift a heavy load overhead without the luxury of wrist wraps. We cannot control what life throws our way, and the same goes for you workouts. The more (psychologically) reliant you become on special shoes, tape, wraps, and needing to know the WOD ahead of time the less prepared you will be when the time comes to apply your fitness.



Snatch pull from below the knee, 5×3 @ 80% 1RM snatch
*Stack weights or use jerk blocks to set start position at just below the knees

Power snatch from below the knee, 5×3 @ 60% 1RM snatch
*Use same stacked weights/ jerk blocks



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