Wednesday 6/11

For time:

Power Snatch @ 115/75
Toe 2 Bar


As promised here are some more details about the upcoming demo

The hope is to start in earnest THIS SATURDAY after the morning classes. We know that Renee and Janine’s wedding is that day so we don’t plan to work for too long but it would be nice to get a good chunk knocked out.

Sunday morning we’ll start again around 10 am

After that we’ll just have to play things by ear and see where we are.

Everyone is welcome to swing a hammer, pull a nail, unscrew something or remove light bulbs. If you’d like to help in any way we would LOVE to have you.

So – come on out THIS WEEKEND and bring some extra aggression because we’ll be getting down to it!


Box squat, 6×2 reps
Then, complete as many reps as possible with 80% of 2RM (No Box)

Glute ham raise, 3x12reps


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