Tuesday 6/10



2014-06-09 10.03.29

CrossFit SAC is a community. What this means to me is that the whole of our members are greater than the sum of the individuals.


Case in point. The Lumberjack workout from Monday was particularly taxing on all involved. During the 9am class when Luka finished every member of the class that was already finished made it a point to head out on the last run with him as a show of solidarity and encouragement. Was it already discustingly hot out? Of course. Did anyone feel like they WANTED to run one more step after that monstrosity of a workout? Of course not. But they did because they understand the power of shared experience and the importance of being there to help a fellow athlete through a tough workout.

I’d like to hear from you all though. What does our community mean to you?



Muscle snatch, 8×3 reps @ 45% of 1RM snatch

Bent over row x 50 reps @ 75#(55#)

One legged Romanian deadlift x 30 reps (alternate legs, 15/ leg) @ 75#(55#)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 6/10

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  2. I love Sac Crossfit all of you beautiful people are awesome every single one you! I’ve been to a few other gyms and there is no other gym like ares, we have good vibe and and the dedication it takes to make a one hell of team. If it wasn’t for my rad coaches and everybody at the gym I would have been gone a long time ago thanks Sac CrossFit Your the shit…

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