Monday 6/9

2014-06-08 16.54.19

We had a GREAT time with the CrossFit Kids seminar this past weekend!

The hope is to begin a CrossFit Kids program at CrossFit SAC soon, but we need your help for that. Do you have children that you’d be interested in enrolling in a CF Kids program?

Right now we’re thinking of potentially having a Kids program focusing on ages 5-12 and a Teens program with ages 13-18. Tell us what you think below!





Bench press, 5×3 reps

Weighted strict pull ups 3×8 reps (unbroken)
Then, take 60% of your heaviest set and do as many reps as possible


One thought on “Monday 6/9

  1. I really look forward to the possibility of getting my kids into this. Hopefully they will enjoy crossfit as much as I. Course i would like to know more about what is done in the program first.

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