Thursday 6/4

4 rounds for reps/time:
Max rep Bench Press @ 135/95
400m Run
Rest as needed between rounds


First Space - 2010

First Space – 2010


Most of you never got to experience the original CrossFit SAC, and it’s for you that we’ve posted the picture above. What you see there is how our first space looked. Two Concept 2 ERG’s and a set of dumb bells purchased on Craigslist. A pull up rig designed by me and build by our man Mitch. Boxes cut and constructed by Dan. And a handful of other gear purchased from a fledgling equipment company called Rogue Fitness.

That original space was about 1,100 sq feet of training floor.  Classes maxed out at about 4-6 people and we squeezed every inch of usable floor in order to make that happen as safely as possible. Before long though it was pretty obvious to everyone that we simply needed more room.

Fast forward to 2014. The gym now has about about 7,500 sq feet of training floor and if you were in class yesterday evening you saw that once again it’s starting to get a bit tight in there. Between the regular class running, barbell club going on, new intro’s and people just taking advantage of open gym we could really use some more leg room. Fortunately, the space next door (the former Sac. Co. Choppers location) is ours now and it’ll become one with the rest of the building soon!

That’s right folks – WE’RE EXPANDING AGAIN! It’s time to take over the entire building we started in all those years ago with zero members and nothing but a lot of hope and passion.

We have ALL OF YOU to thank for this!

More details will be coming soon but as usual we could use ALL of your help in making this last expansion a thing of beauty!



Tate press, 4×8

Banded lat pull downs, 100 reps


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