Wednesday 5/28

In 16 Minutes perform:
Max reps Strict Press @ 45/35
Max reps rope climb

Partition reps as needed

 ***Schedule Announcement***

Due to Nor Cal Regionals taking place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gym will have a modified schedule those days.

Friday 6am and 9am, Open Gym 5pm and 6pm

Saturday Open Gym 9am and 10am

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Caveman bowls

Amy had a meeting with the folks from Caveman Bowls this past weekend. They’re an established business from the Bay Area that, not surprisingly, delivers Paleo friendly bowls of food to CrossFit gyms where subscribers can then pick up their orders. We are considering becoming an official location for them as they expand their service to the greater Sacramento area but would like your feedback. What this means for us is that they would install one of their freezers on-site and each week deliver orders to be stored at the gym for you all to pick up and enjoy.

Please take some time to visit their website and answer the poll question below. Your feedback will determine our involvement so be sure to chime in and tell your friends at the gym to do the same.


Banded V outs x 50 reps

Accumulate 1 minute in each position:
Right side plank hold
Plank hold
Left side plank hold


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