Thursday 5/22

For time:
400m run
50 Wall Ball
40 Deadlift @ 155/105
30 Wall Ball
20 Deadlift
400m run

 ***Schedule Announcement***

In observance of Memorial Day we will have only a 9am class on Monday the 26th

What is Gluten?

Maybe this video will help sort it out for you –

Or maybe not.

For what it’s worth gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that causes an inflammatory response in people. Amy describes it in a way that resonates with me. Bodies react to gluten much like a mosquito bite. Every body is different. For some the mosquito bite is a small red dot that causes almost no itching or irritation and is gone very quickly. For others the bite turns bright red, swells and is extremely itchy and irritated.  Same mosquito, same bite, different reaction based on the individuals body chemistry and susceptibility.

Our bodies react to gluten the same way. For some the inflammation, while present is barely noticeable. For others, gluten causes all sorts of problems like hives, swelling, skin irritation, bloating, indigestion, achy joints and irritability.

Should you stop eating gluten?

I don’t know… have you ever tried removing it for 3-4 weeks? If the answer to that question is no – take it out and give it a shot. Do you feel better? How are your workouts going? Even if you decide to reintroduce gluten later on at least you’ll know that your body has an adverse reaction to it.

It might sound cheesy but here’s the point:

You don’t know the fog you’re living under until you’ve seen the sun.



3 Rounds for quality:
:15 second superman hold on GHD followed immediately by 10 hip extensions

Banded lat pull downs x 50 reps

50 Ab mat sit-ups



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