Monday 5/19

For time:
60 Box Jump Over @ 24/20
50 Burpee
40 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
30 Toe 2 Bar


Those of you who are paying attention might recognize a bit of this workout. A few months ago we did a 10 round version of this WOD with 6,5,4 and 3 reps per round of the movements involved. Today is the same basic thing, except instead of 10 rounds of the workout it’s one round done chipper style. It’s the same number of reps – do you think today will be faster or slower? I know where my vote will be.



Hang clean, 5×3 reps @ 40% of 1RM clean

Speed back squat, 8×2 reps @ 40% of 1RM back squat


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