Wednesday 4/23

Gymnastics skill work


AMRAP 8 min:
30 Squat
30 Sit up


From CrossFit Lubbock

You Should Hate Your Coach… Sometimes.

We’ve all been there. We see the WOD is posted and we have this ignorant moment of excitement as we click on the link and then you see it… the workout… there are two possible reactions:

1.) It’s exactly what you wanted to see.


2.) OR… it embodies everything you hate about CrossFit.


99% of the time we don’t like things in CrossFit because we suck at them. Take myself for example… Program anything involving a barbell, a medball, a kettlbell, an atlas stone, or anything that makes the average person hate gravity and when i see my coach i will be like…

droid hug

But if Steven programs a slew of body-weight movements (pull-ups, t2b, box jumps, etc) i might walk into the office the next morning and be like…

panda furious

But in all seriousness, i know the gym-nasty stuff is exactly what i need to be doing. No one said it better than Chris Spealler:



So if you don’t hate your coach sometimes, there are one of two possibilities.

1.) They are programming to your strengths and you are missing out on some serious growth.

2.) You have a great attitude about CrossFit and you just need to keep it up! 

Just remember whether it’s your coach, life, or God that challenges you… they are doing it to make you better! To help you grow! To feel frustrated with being pushed is natural but don’t let yourself bathe in self-pity for too long… there’s work to be done, and weakness waiting to be beaten to death!



Banded Glute Ham Raise Negatives


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