Wednesday 4/9

On the minute for 20 Minutes
2 Deadlift

Last week we asked our members to submit their stories about the Open. Here’s one of them from Hannah-


This year was my first Open. I had no idea what to expect (both in terms of the announced workouts from HQ and the way our box would operate with this new schedule), I didn’t want to participate, I didn’t feel confident, I knew I’d have to scale pretty much everything, I extra don’t like working out in front of an audience, but I signed up because I thought five weeks of attempting unknown, potentially ruinous workouts, laced with movements I haven’t mastered at weights I can’t yet tackle, in front of a gym full of relative strangers, still sounded like a better option than listening to Dave cheerfully pester me about signing up. “Hi Hannah!! Sign up for the Opens yet??” Take my money, Dave. Just take my $20.00.
In retrospect, I am super glad I participated. I looked forward to the announcement from CrossFit HQ every Thursday and it was a treat to watch the elite athletes in the CrossFit community come together and perform the workouts on the spot (I replayed 14.5 at least five times). While I still marvel at the brutality of Dave Castro’s programming, the best part was encouraging my fellow athletes on Saturdays. Watching the best athletes from our gym was super inspiring, and watching the newcomers righteously hold on and do their best was equally inspiring.
As with most things in CrossFit, it came down to the community experience: supporting each other, doing your best, having fun, and lifting heavy stuff. It’s also really neat to think that the CrossFit community at large is all doing the same workout; we’re doing the exact same workout as Rich Froning and Sam Briggs today! Dave was right to encourage 100% participation, and I look forward to comparing my times and weights from this year against next year’s data.

Banded Glute Ham Raise Negatives


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