Friday 4/4

For time:
Clean @ 135/95
Ring Dip

Below is a little gem from the early days of CrossFit. Greg Amundson and Annie Sakamoto throw down on today’s WOD and even though this clip is probably 10 years old it’s still impressive to see.

From CrossFit Lisbeth

CrossFit is More Than the Games

You don’t have to like the CrossFit Games. Or the Regionals. Or the Open.

I’m fine with you not giving a damn about who’s on the leaderboard or where you rank in your region. If you decided to quit the Open (or didn’t join at all), I won’t judge you.

What? Isn’t that CrossFit blasphemy? Aren’t we all supposed to  live, breathe, eat, sleep the Games season, from Open sign-ups until the last fan leaves the stadium at the Stub Hub Center in July?


CrossFit is more than the CrossFit Games. Always has been. Always will be. Anybody who tells you differently doesn’t really understand CrossFit.

CrossFit created the Games. The Games did not create CrossFit. But the Games are wonderful.

The Games are this big, beautiful spectacle of human performance and achievement. We see so much through the lens of sweat and effort. We can see ourselves, even if we never kip like Camille or lift like Lindsey or destroy the competition like Rich. We can be inspired and thrilled and entertained; we can play too, at our own speed. And we can be motivated to practice and achieve greater skills because we saw someone else do amazing things first.

And, yes, one man and one woman and one team emerge as the Fittest on Earth. Sometimes, it all feels like a film out of Hollywood. Everyone is beautiful and fit and lovely — and that’s okay. We like the movies and we love heroes and heroines. The crowd cheers when somebody wins, and, because it’s CrossFit, they cheer for the last-place athlete too.

But what do the Games really highlight?

The CrossFit affiliates. The Games highlight people who love CrossFit. The Games highlight CrossFit.

They shine a giant spotlight on this worldwide movement that brings results to your fitness and your life and your community in ways you never imagined could come from a training program. The Games, in their own way, help all of us to help others.

That’s why the Games — and all the components, including the Regionals and the Open — are important. But that importance does not mean you have to love the Games. You can love CrossFit without loving the Games. You can do CrossFit without ever paying attention to the Games. I’m okay with that. You should be okay with that. And every CrossFit affiliate in the world is probably okay with that.

You signed up for the Open? Great. You love the Games? Outstanding. No one in your affiliate pays one lick of attention to the Games and you all still do CrossFit? Fantastic.

Because CrossFit is more than the Games. CrossFit is about making you better. The Games are just one of the paths that lead to better. A fun, glorious path if you see it that way, but we all get to find our own paths.

If you don’t love the Games, the sun will rise same as ever. Just love CrossFit and what it can do for you and your friends — that’s the really important part.

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