Tuesday 4/1

Press 3-3-3
Push Press 5-5-5


So here’s the good news, CrossFit SAC made it through another Open season with lots of PR’s and many inspired athletes. Unfortunately, as participation in the Open grows, the level of judging at the affiliate level tends to decline. To help ensure that affiliates are meeting the minimum standard of judging, CrossFit HQ has asked that each affiliate submit a video of 5 athletes picked at random  by HQ to redo 14.5 with a judge also picked at random as a sampling of judging quality. The athletes chosen must complete the WOD with 15% of their submitted time. An improvement in WOD time will not change ranking. There are specific requirements that must be shown in the video as far as athlete and judge positioning, hand signals, volume of music allowed, etc.  Here is a link to sample of an acceptable video submission, please take a moment to watch it so that you are familiar with it in case you are chosen to re-do the WOD.

This video is the perfect example of what HQ is talking about. We have a high level athlete here who misses the standard of movement repeatedly (watch her thrusters at the beginning of nearly every round). Because of videos like this all of us have to be ready to show our stuff and maintain the standard. Buckle up!



Spend 15 Minutes practicing bar muscle ups. Never more than 2 in a row


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