Monday 3/24

Front Squat

Establishing a heavy 2 Rep Max was part of one of the Affiliate events of the 2012 CrossFit Games. This video of Heat 4 of that WOD serves to show many athletes front squatting. While there may be aspects of the front squats performed that aren’t ideal, i.e. knees tracking in on the way back up, you will notice that virtually all athletes have the bar rolled back on to the tips of their fingers allowing for them to push their elbows up high and to rest the bar on their shoulder. There are certainly some athletes that have the flexibility to keep a full grip on the bar and still get their elbows high enough to support the bar, but this ability is generally the exception to the rule.

Days like these, we see many athletes make a bee-line for their wrist wraps. Just keep in mind that the reason why your wrists hurt during a front squat is because you are either unwilling or unable to get into a front rack position where your shoulders, not your wrists, are supporting the weight of the bar. If you find yourself in one of these groups, practice getting into a good rack position with an empty bar (not when you need to once it gets heavy) and really stay aggressive with keeping your elbows high– the entire time. If getting into that position isn’t happening, then there is some tight tissue that needs to be addressed by a) fighting to get into a good front rack position and b) addressing those areas of tightness with mobility work. This is not something that will resolve itself with wrist wraps and lazy elbows, you are gonna have to work for it!

3 rounds for time:
400m run
10 Front Squat @ 70% of today’s 6RM


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