Thursday 3/20

5 rounds for time:
6 Strict Pull Up
7 Db Power Clean @ 45/30
8 Box Step Up @45/30 24/20

Once again it’s Thursday, which means that CrossFit will be releasing another Open WOD tonight around 5pm. It’s still nearly impossible to guess what might be coming down the pipe but the movements that we are likely to see are things like wall ball, toes to bar, cleans, thrusters, muscle ups and burpees.

Rest assured that ALL of these movements won’t be in one of the workouts but I won’t be surprised at all to see at least three of them show up this week. My money’s on the toe to bar for sure but who knows if my money is actually worth anything.

Saturday we’ll again have our blow out Open throw-down and we want to remind all of you that NEXT Saturday, the last one of the Open, we’ll finish things off with a BBQ for all that are interested.


Strict Press 5-5-5-5-5


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