Wednesday 3/19

10 min Max rep hand stand push up*
*Every two minutes run 100m

As we are facing the back half of the Open Sectionals, keep in mind all that you have accomplished but also all that you want to accomplish next time the Open rolls around. There are people who have already experienced PR’s because of they had no choice but to do a double under, or people who got to test their mettle and actually do a chest-bar-pull. People even PR’d on their deadlifts last week. But there were people who were frustrated that their double unders were too inconsistent, that they didn’t have chest-to-bar bar pull ups, let alone regular pull-ups or that the deadlift got heavy sooner than they would have liked. All of these experiences are part of the Open experience, to challenge yourself and to discover weaknesses. The WODs of the Open isn’t designed to be easy so everyone can do them, put up a big score and feel good about themselves, the Open is designed to be accessible to a majority of the community and to find the most qualified people and teams to go to Regionals. That might mean being able to do only one rep of a movement.

During the first Open in 2011, a WOD came up that had me worried. It was 5 minutes of Squat Clean and Jerks. The Women’s weight was 110– 5 pounds over my 1 RM Clean. Thankfully, this WOD was scored so that the clean was one rep and the jerk was another rep, and the range of motion standard was essentially ground to shoulder, so I could deadlift the weight, hang power clean it and do a front squat. It took me a few tries and five minutes never felt like it was going by so quickly, but I got that one rep. And I proudly posted 1 rep, because I knew that if I had tried that a month prior, I probably wouldn’t have accomplished it because I didn’t need to.

Use the frustration of the Open to light a fire under your ass to be better, to come to the gym more consistently, to eat better food and to take the time you put in at the gym more seriously. After awhile, many of us develop a knack for know what weights or scales to use to be comfortable, to not have to put the bar down or to not need to break up the pull ups. It’s only by pushing those boundaries that you continue to grow.

The good news is, there is a tradition of repeating previous Open WODs, so with continued effort and perseverance you can post a better score on one of these WODs next year.

Weighted Pull up 3-3-3-3-3


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