Wednesday 3/12

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3


Do you want to get better, faster? Sure, everyone does. And now with CrossFit competitions springing up seemingly every weekend more and more of our members are becoming interested in competing and preparing themselves for those competitions. If you are one of these people, this blog post if for you because I’m going to tell you the one thing above all else that YOU need to do in order to speed up your improvement.


People often ask me for the key to success in CrossFit and there it is. There are no shortcuts or fast tracks, only good old fashioned hard work. But it’s more than just making sure that you show up to class every day. That’s not what I mean when I say you need to work hard. What I really mean is that you need to work out at the highest intensity you can.

Intensity is what gets us results. If you want a faster Fran time, a bigger deadlift or a better mile run – intensity is the road you need to follow. If you want to be a better husband, father, mother or co-worker – intensity is how to get there. Often when I tell people this they nod their head in agreement and they walk off telling themselves that they now know how to get better. But when it comes time for the next workout nothing has changed.

Here’s the deal guys and girls – intensity sucks. It’s uncomfortable, it makes your lungs burn and your muscles feel like there’s battery acid running through them. What I’m telling you is that if you want to see more improvement faster you need to go to that uncomfortable place in your workouts and when you get there you need to make the decision to keep pushing through. You need to decide not to stop when you normally would but instead to stay in that dark, burning, uncomfortable place and find a deeper level there that you didn’t even know existed and you need to build a house there and plan to stay a while.

So there you have it, the answer to the question on everyone’s mind – how do I get better faster – it’s also the answer that no one wants to hear. People want to hear that they just need to do a little bit extra to work on this or that weakness, and everything will be great. Please don’t misunderstand, it’s likely that some extra work WILL be needed, but that’s not the most important piece. The MOST important piece of that improvement is finding that intensity today and finding it again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.


For 8 minutes
Two rounds of Tabata Row for meters followed immediately by two rounds of Tabata Squat for reps


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