Monday 3/10

20 Min AMRAP
3 Front Squat @ 185/125
5 Toe 2 Bar
7 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135/95
9 Box Jump @ 30/24

We are already two weeks into the CrossFit Open Sectionals and have already witnessed some great accomplishments and PR’s, from first time double-unders to chest-to-bar pull ups! We still have three weeks left and many more twists and turns ahead (i.e. burpees)! Remember, we encouraged everyone in the gym to register for the Open Sectionals because we wanted people to participate with the CrossFit community, within the gym and all over the world. I know it’s frustrating to only be able to do a few reps prescribed or to see a Games-level athlete obliterate your score, but just remember, there are thousands of people who sat out the Open Sectionals, who sat out on trying CrossFit or anything else new because they didn’t want to fail or be bad at something. This isn’t about being the next Rich Froning or making it to Regionals, this is about pushing yourself to a place you never thought you could go and surpassing your expectations.


One thought on “Monday 3/10

  1. This looks like a good one!

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