Friday 3/7

Max effort 400m run

Training vs Competition

As week two of the Open rears it’s head I thought it would be a good time for a chat about our approach to these workouts.

Every other day of the year we treat each workout as a chance to improve our athletes’ fitness. We want them to scale workouts appropriately to allow them to get the best possible stimulus each and every time to ensure that they are progressing and reaching their goals.

When participating in the Open and the 5 workouts that it brings though – we use them as a test of exactly where our athletes are now to allow them to measure and track the progress they’re making. Yes, our normal, everyday workouts are also opportunities for us to test current fitness levels and measure progress for sure… BUT.. since people are often scaled differently or doing the workouts with different goals in mind it’s not necessarily an even playing field.

The Open workouts though, provide the opportunity to see exactly where each and every one of our athletes are right now. It allows us to test different time and modal domains and to gauge strengths and weaknesses both of body and mind. The Open is a Test, a Competition where as our every day training is just that… it’s training.

So keep these distinctions in mind when you’re gearing up for the Open workouts. Yes, we want to use these workouts to test where you are but much more importantly we’re going to use them to measure the improvements you’ve made when the time comes to do them again. And we’re going to make those improvements through the training we do everyday.



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