Wednesday 3/5

4 rounds each for time:
Shuttle sprint
9 Deadlift @ 185/125
6 Hang Power Clean
3 Push Jerk

One week of the Open is done and already we’ve seen a bunch of people hit new personal records in their pursuit of better, stronger, fitter versions of themselves.

A handful of our athletes were around for the first ever Open workout, which was repeated this week. That means they got to see the differences from 2011 to 2014 and it’s pretty impressive. Between myself, Dan, Laura, Summer, Sam, Steve and Amy we all saw improvements. The most notable here might be that Laura performed better on effectively one leg and Amy performed better while 7 1/2 months pregnant this time around. Pretty great stuff!

Even better though are those of you who put yourselves out there and weren’t even sure if you’d be able to participate once the first workout dropped along with your spirits when you saw you’d have to do a dreaded double under just to play. But now that the dust has cleared we have athletes like Beth, Lisa H, Erin, Kim B, Toni, Phillip, Charles, Hannah, Virginia, Andrea, Moe, Lesley and Stacy who had either never successfully performed a double under before or had only done so sporadically. They were able to get the work done to stay in the game. These are the moments we LOVE TO SEE and one of the big reasons we push you all to participate – there’s something about the energy and the drive of the Open that brings out the best in people and pushes you out of your comfort zones into new heights.

Great Job Guys! Now let’s buckle up for the next one.


5x GHD sit up max hold at parallel w/ arms overhead


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