Friday 2/28

If participating in the Open: Snatch practice up to 3 reps touch and go @ 50-65% of 1rm

If NOT participating in the Open/not attending Saturday class… “Isabel” 30 Snatches @ 135/95

The Open has officially begun. That means there will be some small adjustments when it comes to how things run at the gym for Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and possibly Monday classes.

The workouts are released Thursday @ 5pm and athletes who have chosen to participate in the Open (hopefully that’s ALL of you) have until Monday @ 5pm to complete them. To facilitate this we try to make as many options available for athletes to get the workout completed. Here’s what you need to know…

If you have to do the workout on any day other than Saturday, plan to have someone available to judge your effort, the workout doesn’t count unless it has been verified by a judge. Also please let the coaches know ahead of time if possible. There is a small whiteboard on the front desk with names/times of people planning to do the workouts.

If you’re coming in on Saturday to do the workout it’ll be run in small heats to allow for judging to happen and ensure that people have time to warm up and prepare for the workout properly. Please plan to come in early and stick around if at all possible. Saturday’s are BIG community days for us during the Open and you all will set the tone for the environment we’ll have each week. Make it a good one!


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