Thursday 2/27

For Time:
1 min plank
20 Box Jump Over
20 Pull Up
5 Triple Under
12 Box Jump Over
12 Pull up
4 Triple Under
8 Box Jump Over
8 Pull up
3 Triple Under

This evening, the first WOD of the 2014 CrossFit Open Sectionals drops! For those of you who are experiencing the Open for the first time, here’s a general guide of how the next 5 weeks will go:

Thursday 5pm- You and the rest of the world will be waiting with anticipation to see what is in store. The anticipation will likely grow into anxiety as the weeks progress if burpees still haven’t reared their ugly head.

Thursday 5:20pm- The initial shock of the WOD has faded and you now realize that you can probably do at least the first part of the WOD, if not the whole thing as prescribed.

Friday- Obsessively check the leaderboard for new scores posted by the likes of Jason Khalipa and Sam Briggs.

Saturday 9 am- Show up to class ready to work hard and cheer your head off! Saturday classed will run a little differently, and will be run in small heats. Each person competing will need a judge, so please be willing to stick around and help judge, cheer or take video footage. When you arrive to class, sign up for a heat. The WOD will be briefed, along with movement standards. Each heat will be given time to warm up and prepare. If you are not ready when your heat starts, you will have to wait until later to do the WOD.

Saturday 11am – Leave the gym on a high of accomplishment for giving it your all!

Monday 5pm- Deadline to submit your score.



On the 2 minute until you reach 30
Max effort Muscle Up


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