Saturday 2/22

In 16 Minutes perform:
Max reps Ring Push Up
Max reps Rope Climb

Partition reps as needed

See 11/23, 7/20

If you missed yesterday’s announcement, we are adding an additional Mobility class to the Tuesday class schedule, starting March 4th. We offer specialty classes like Mobility and Barbell Club to not only improve the value of your CrossFit SAC  Unlimited membership but also allow extra time to improve your ability to move well. One of the criticisms of CrossFit is that form and technique are not emphasized, or take second to speed of movement. While that is true of some gyms, regardless of whether they call themselves “CrossFit” or not, we want you to be able to do more than just meet the range of motion requirement of a push up or snatch, but to do it with sound mechanics and technique.

Why? Because it is physically safer, but it is also more efficient, which means you can get more work done. For example, a person muscling every single snatch overhead on a WOD like “Isabel” or “Randy” is going to be less efficient than someone who jumps the bar up and lands in a power position. That efficiency means that they will be able to stay on the bar longer, and do more reps faster.

Improving your mobility and technique isn’t always going to be fast or easy, especially when you are trying to undo the effects of sitting at a desk all day for years or learning a complex Olympic lift, but the results will be well worth it. Be patient, listen to your coaches and remember that this is a process. A process worth doing!


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