Monday 2/3

5 Min Max Rep Back Squat @ Body weight



We were very fortunate to host a CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar this weekend and have some of our coaches attend. It was great to be able to have three very knowledgeable weightlifting coaches instruct the weekend and be prepared for some new drills to help hone your Olympic weightlifting skills.

We also love that people didn’t let the gym being closed for the weekend prevent them from getting a WOD in. Several of you took advantage of the At-home WOD and posted their scores on Facebook. So a big ol’ cyber high-five to the following people:
Katy 6+ 5push up, knees
Kim M 7+11 lunges RX
Jennifer R 6 rounds + 10 sit-ups RX
Greg R 7 rounds + 4 lunges RX
Lisa  5 rounds +1 sit-up Knees
Laila 3 rounds + 15 sit-ups, knees
Shea 5 rounds, 3 sit ups Rx
RJ 9+2 sit-ups Rx
Angel 6+9 sit-ups, knees
Greg S 6 + 9 sit ups RX
Erin 6 + 7  push ups Knees
Jules 6   Knees


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