Thursday 1/30

Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy 2 rep Power Snatch

For time:
Power Snatch@ 165/110
Shuttle touch

Why do I advocate CrossFit so strongly above the other potential forms of “fitness” out there? The following two videos might to well to illustrate it.

In the first video you’ll see four different members of more traditional strength and conditioning programs. They are asked to complete as many back squats as possible in 5 minutes. Two members of this group (the Powerlifter and Weightlifter) specifically compete in events that are either largely or entirely dependent on their ability to squat heavy weight. Between the others – the Stongman undoubtedly trains with squats but likely not for the time this test required and the Bodybuilder might use squats to target certain muscle groups though there are likely many bodybuilders that do not squat.

You might notice that the technique of the four lifters differs… specifically that the Powerlifter rarely or never actually squats to depth OR stands nearly all the way up, while the Weightlifter by comparison completes full range of motion reps.

Now watch below as a CrossFit athlete completes the same test and beats all four of the lifters while also displaying full range of motion reps.

The point here is that while NONE of the 5 athletes (Powerlifter, Stongman, Weightlifter, Bodybuilder or CrossFitter) train specifically for a 5 minute body weight back squat test – the fact that we vary our programming and training so much in CrossFit better prepares our athletes for the randomness of life and the demands it might require.

Here’s the bottom line, if you want to be the best in the world at one specific thing, you need to train with that one thing in mind. If, instead, you want to be really good at just about everything, you need to train like we do at CrossFit SAC.




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