Tuesday 1/28

For time:
100 double under
30 burpee
10 front squat @ 45/35 db
20 burpee
20 front squat
10 burpee
30 front squat
100 double under

And now a little inspiration from the Blog of Sage (Burgener) Mertz:

A Crossfitter in a Non Crossfitter’s Body

I’m your typical Crossfitter…

  • I wear tall socks.
  • My wardrobe makes me look like Reebok threw up on me.
  • I love lifting heavy things.
  • Thrusters and double unders physically hurt my soul, so I do them often.
  • I pray for death to take me during all my workouts, yet I somehow find myself back in the gym.. day after day.
The one thing that separates me from my “sick in the head for loving the ‘hurt so good’ feeling of doing back-to-back Fran” friends is my body.
If I had to use words to describe the body of a CrossFitter, I would use words like:
  • Mount Vesuvius-like traps
  • thunder thighs..in a good way
  • butt cheeks for days
  • lean
  • arms that require permits in at least 7 different states
  • six pack abs that I could roll out my IT bands on
And all of these things would be considered compliments to my beloved athlete friends. I mean… just look at this beautiful specimen! (Chyna Cho)
Then… there’s me and my amazingly average body. Let’s turn our attention away from my incredible hairdo and my attempt to look half as cute as Chyna, and come up with some words that describe me..
  • I have put out an Amber Alert for my legs.
  • I have an ab.
  • My hips don’t lie.. and they definitely want people to know they’re child bearing.
  • My arms are hard, but you have to use a child’s imagination to see any sort of definition.
  • Speaking of children, the HD version of this picture contains stretch marks that make tiger attack victims feel empathetic.
Now, my whole reason for writing this post is because I recently qualified for the Battle of London and I want everyone to know (just kidding). Like most women, as soon as I found out I qualified, I started thinking about what clothing I was going to compete in to ensure optimal performance and possibly a 5 kg snatch PR. Suddenly, I realized, I was picking out oversized t-shirts in hopes of hiding my “less than ideal” tummy…especially since I was going to be competing next to hundreds of actual, real-life Greek gods and goddesses. A couple minutes and 87 different outfits later, I was ashamed of my lack of confidence. Why was I bashing my body? And why did I have the idea that my stomach was “less than ideal” in the first place?
I realized that my thoughts on how my body “should” look have changed the past couple of years.
I want to make it abundantly clear that I absolutely LOVE all the articles with catch-phrases like, “strong is the new skinny” and “strong is beautiful”. It brings me such joy that women are embracing their muscles and striving to put more meat on their bones! The problem with these articles is not what is being said, it’s the photos that are attached to the articles that rub me the wrong way.
In my humble opinion, I feel that these pictures…the ones that are supposed to show us this new “strong”… have taken us from one extreme to the other. To me they say, “we’re not supposed to be stick thin… we’re supposed to have six pack abs and really defined arms and legs to be considered beautiful”.
What about those of us who fall somewhere in between?
I will be the first to admit that I do not eat 100% healthy, 100% of the time. I have a cheat meal once a week and I do not hold back! But, 90% of the time, I eat paleo… and not the kind of paleo that consists of eating honey filled baked goods 7 times a day. I eat vegetables, lean meats, healthy fat sources and some starches.. because, honestly, it’s a sin to train hard and not reward yourself with some good ole hearty potatoes. I never eat gluten.. even on my cheat days. I work out 5 days a week.. hard. I lift weights. I CrossFit. I sleep 8 hours a night. I take care of myself. And yet… I don’t have the body that has been recently dubbed as “beautiful”.
So, back to the original question: “what’s my purpose of writing this article”? My answer is: “to fulfill a wish”.
My wish is for “beautiful” to be defined by physical performance..not just physical looks. For “beauty” to described as snatching 165#’s and having a little fat hanging over your weight belt. For “gorgeous” to be seen as performing Grace in less than 3 minutes and having your butt only jiggle a little bit to the beat of “Single Ladies” every time you clean and jerk.
Your body should be beautiful because you fill it with healthy things. It should be beautiful because you take the time to care for it. Your body should be beautiful because it’s yours.. and yours alone.
The end.

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