Saturday 1/18

10 Min AMRAP
3 Power Clean @ 185/135
7 Ring Dip (Muscle Up into first rep)
Parking lot run

Reboot Poster

Some of you have had questions about the Lifestyle Reboot, so let me take a moment to discuss what the Reboot is all about. First and foremost, this is not a food challenge. While we certainly will discuss food quality and quantity as part of the series, we are going to delve into areas that reach beyond food. Each week will be a different topic, with sessions meeting Monday at 8 am, Wednesday at 6 pm and Sunday at 10 am. If you can’t make it to any of those times, a recorded session will be made available online. Here’s a brief synopsis of what will be covered each week.

Week 1  Goal Setting
Do you find yourself wanting to make a change in some area of your life but seem to fall short of your goals? Are you a repeat food challenger who knows what do in order to feel better and preform better, but find yourself falling off the wagon once the challenge ends?
The first week will discuss goal setting, how to define what your goals are, if they are something you really want to pursue, and then how to make the mental and emotional changes to commit to that goal.

Week 2  Food Quality
Is organic food really better than conventionally grown/raised food? Are supplements or multivitamins really a waste of money? Should you be concerned about cholesterol, salt or fat in your diet?
During the second week of the Reboot we will discuss food quality, how to prioritize food quality and what food labels actually mean. In addition, we will discuss related topics such as if multivitamins and supplements are necessary, and we will dispel some common food myths.

Week 3  Challenges to Goals
So you have a goal and have learned the approach to maximize the likelihood off seeing it through, but your work doesn’t end there. Life creates an obstacle course of roadblocks. In week three we will talk about common challenges to the success of your goals (hint: it’s very rarely external sources), how to identify them and how to move past setbacks.

Week 4 Food QuantityFood quality is important, but so is eating it in the right (pro)portions. Even the best intentioned meal plan (Paleo, Primal, Whole Food) can end up working against you if you aren’t paying attention to how much you are eating.

Week 5  Mindfulness
Many of the choices available to us go unnoticed because we are caught up in smart phones, the internet or because we are caught up in our own thoughts, reliving past events or imagining alternative outcomes to past events. As a result, we live in a state of constant distraction, which makes pursuing goals harder, and removes us from  being fully present in life.

Week 6  Digestion
Food quality and quantity might be fully dialed in, but there are still factors that can prevent you for feeling and performing at your best. Your ability to digest and absorb the awesome food you are eating is vital in getting the most out of your food. Unfortunately, common digestive problems become “normal” and their symptoms are treated. In this module we’ll discuss the actual cause of the problem.

Week 7  Stress
Stress can do some crazy things to the human body, however not all stress is bad. In the seventh week we will differentiate between these types of stress and discuss what you can do to prevent stress from derailing your goals.

Week 8  Environmental Factors
Both your physical and emotional environment impact your health. From personal care products to chemicals encountered at work or home, our bodies are often bombarded with chemicals that can stress its natural defenses. In the final week of the Reboot, we will put the final pieces in place to help ensure that you are living up to your body’s maximal potential.


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