Friday 1/17

AMRAP 20 Min
10 Push Press @ 115/75
10 KB Swings @ 53/35
10 Box jumps @ 24/20

Below is a video from the Open in 2012, you’ll notice lots of familiar faces in it if you have a sharp eye. This is pretty similar to the type of environment we’ll see during the Saturday classes when we do the Open workouts this year. Lots of encouragement, lots of camaraderie and lots of fun!

If you’ve been reading the blog this week you know that the Open season will soon be upon us. Follow the link below to sign up and begin the first step towards participation

These Open workouts will the the official class WOD on Saturday’s during the 5 weeks they run. However, if you’re one of the folks that can’t/won’t come on Saturday… don’t worry, we’ll still accommodate you! The workouts will be released on Thursday night around 5:30 (that’s a guess, they say 5 but last year there was always suspense) so for the Thursday night 6 or 7pm crowd you can do the workout then if you’d like. You also have the option of ANY of the Friday classes, Saturday classes, Sunday Open Gym (as long as you bring a judge along) or the Monday classes before 5 (since the workouts are due to be submitted by 5pm Monday).

So once again, there really is no excuse for you not giving it a shot and seeing where the chips fall.

Throw your hat in the ring, buckle up and enjoy yourself. You’ll be glad you did!




Work to a heavy 3 position squat clean (floor, knee, high hang)


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