Friday 1/10

For time:
Thruster @ 95/65
Pull up


Failing at anything doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It simply means that you’ve lived. No one, not one person in the history of the world has lived a life absent the experience of failure.

Failure is what hardens our resolve to succeed

Failure is what shows us the errors of our ways and teaches us better courses of action

Failure is what both demands and develops quality of character

Failure is an inseparable part of success

It’s OK to fail. What is not OK is to let that failure define you. It’s not OK to let that failure defeat you and shape your future decisions in such a way as to avoid risk of failing again. Because I’ve got news for you… it’s going to happen. Some time in the future you’re going to fail. It happens to everyone. What’s important is how you deal with that failure. Do you learn from it? Do you grow as a person in some way? Or do you shrink and let it defeat you?

Today, and for the future, make the decision to allow yourself to fail. Do this with the understanding that you will use these failures to teach you how to succeed in the future. Then someday you’ll be able to look back at all of those failures as nothing more than the education of life that’s lead you to the awesomeness you currently display.



For load:
Overhead Squat 10 sec hold @ bottom


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