Monday 1/6

7 rounds for time:
5 rt arm Kb Thruster @ 53/35
10 Kb swing
5 lft arm Kb Thruster
30 Double Under

The video below might be only the shoulder press with the kettle bell but the same basic points of performance apply to the top of the thruster for today’s workout.

Sign ups are Online for the Lifestyle Reboot which kicks off it’s first meeting on Monday the 27th of January. Meeting times are also available in our mindbody online schedule, but they’ll take place Monday’s at 8am, Wednesday’s at 6pm and Sunday’s at 10am. If you’d like to participate in the Reboot but can’t attend any of those class times, no worries, each week’s talk will also be taped and made available for viewing online.

The cost for the Reboot is $55 if you pre-register for the entire 8 week program, or $10 per class if there’s only one or a handful of sections you’d like to attend. Amy is putting a lot of work into this and it’s been designed by her from the ground up to help with as much as possible of what people struggle with.

Week one’s focus will be on Goal Setting as well as Willpower vs. Habit forming. Each successive week will build upon the last week’s topic and in the end the goal will be to have made substantive positive change through knowledge and application. It’s a pretty exciting thing that she’s been working on and I’m anxious to see how well it works in application. So get signed up soon to get your New Year off to a good start!


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