Thursday 12/19

75 Pull Up for time

Rest 5 Minutes then…

Double Under
Sit Up

We’ve posted these before… but they’re still good.

Here are Kalyca’s thoughts about the recent Level 1 Seminar

I stated doing Crossfit 2.5 years ago and almost right away I wanted to take the Level 1 Course.   As a goal, I told myself that once I could do an unassisted pull-up I would consider it.  I was pretty sure that meant I’d never get to do it, but the day came earlier this year when I did my first, ever, in-my-life, pull-up.  And then, a few weeks ago, the opportunity came up for me to take the Level 1 Course.  I was super excited, and nervous; the training manual is kind of long and I didn’t really know what to expect.

The whole weekend was amazing.  I really liked the format of a short lecture and then break out sessions in small groups.  The focus was on learning to improve technique from a coaching perspective but I feel like I also got a lot of good feedback for myself.  I liked hearing from a bunch of different trainers, each with their own style.  Not only did I learn about coaching and technique, but also nutrition, programming and the foundations of CrossFit.   As the weekend progressed, I was surprised by how much of the information I had heard before in my regular CrossFit classes.  All the coaches at CFSAC do such a good job of embedding daily classes with foundational technique and information.  Before I knew it, the course was over, the test was taken and everyone was headed home.  I walked away form the seminar feeling inspired, informed and so proud to be a member of the Crossfit Sac community.


W- Overhead Squat w/ 10 sec pause at the bottom. Work to a heavy single.

G- Weighted Pull Up
Find heavy 5, heavy 3, heavy 1 and work back down


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