Wednesday 12/18

Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2

See 10/2

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

I never realized how competitive of a person I was until I started CrossFit. Suddenly I found myself finding someone in class to try and catch up to or stay ahead of– if they put the bar down, I’d try to do one more rep. If they walked in from the run, I’d try to run all the way in. I know I’m not alone in this mentality, and it is that drive to keep pushing when others have stopped that helps to make CrossFit unique and engaging.

But I’ve also fallen into the trap of looking too closely at the whiteboard pre-WOD, checking out what weights were used or how the movements were scaled and I have let that influence my choices in scaling a workout. I used to think this was helpful, but now I wonder how much this has held me back.

On more than one occasion, I have asked someone what their plan was for the WOD, and the answer goes something like, “So-and-so used this amount of weight for their squats, and we usually lift the same, so that’s what I’m doing.” Or “So-and-so used two of these bands for pull ups, and they have better pulls ups than I do, so I’m going to go a little easier.”

This mentality creates an artificial ceiling, limiting your ability to challenge yourself and grow as an athlete. What if that person whose scales you’ve copied is getting over the flu, or feeling a little beat up and went lighter today? The whiteboard won’t tell you that. It also won’t tell you that while you might be evenly match with someone on their pressing strength, your squatting ability may be quite different. Or that just because someone has the strength do some strict pull ups, they might not have the stamina to do a high volume at the same scale you are using.

Instead, use the warm-up and the goal for the WOD (is it supposed to be fast and dirty or slow and grueling) to make your decisions. Don’t copy someone else, make your own decisions about your workout.


On the 2 min for 16 min
5 Front Squat @ 60-65% of 2 rep max (from a rack)
200m row


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