Thursday 12/12

2 Kb Swing @ 70/53
2 Box Jump @ 24/20
4 Kb Swing
4 Box Jump


The CrossFit SAC Ugly Sweater Party and Potluck is this Saturday, from 6-9. While an ugly sweater is not required, please bring some food to share. Hope to see you all there!

Recently we hosted a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar. As many of you know I travel nearly every weekend to be a part of a team that administers these seminars around the world. It’s always been an honor and a privilege to do so, and I’ve also taken pride in the fact that a good handful of our family at CrossFit SAC have been able to attend the Level 1 as well. Here are some thoughts about the experience from Greg H and Ross D.

Taking the level 1 was such an overall awesome experience. It was clear
to see the entire staff was so passionate about coaching and teaching
CrossFit. I also felt very fortunate to be at my home gym where I felt
right at home. Of course coming from a gym ran by a Level 1 staff member
great coaching is something we receive from day 1 at CrossFit SAC. I
knew from reading the CrossFit training guide that much of what I was
going to learn was going to be somewhat review from what we hear Dave,
Amy, and Dan telling us every day. So I wanted to have the mindset that
this was my first experience with CrossFit. None the less the Level 1
provided a much more in depth look on how CrossFit is taught, scaled,
and implemented in gym’s around the world. The Level 1 gave me a better
understanding on what CrossFit is and how it’s used to better the lives
of its members and help them achieve superior fitness and health.


The L1 seminar was what I expected and more. Every subject that was talked about had great information and was very interesting. What I liked the most was the staff going over the different movements. With the coaching I have now and coaching from the L1 staff, I am able to know that if my knees are in the way when doing a deadlift I can adjust my hips, shoulders and knees to create a triangle which helps with getting back more on my heels and keeping my knees from being an obstacle. Another great thing about attending the seminar was being able to meet other athletes from all over and the L1 staff was great.  Watching the L1 staff do the lunch WOD’s was very motivational. What a great weekend.


Thanks for your input guys!

Supplemental –

W – 5 sets of Hang Power Snatch 2-2-2 w/10 sec. rest between doubles. Rest as needed between efforts

G – EMOM for 20 Min
Even Min – 7 Toe 2 Bar
Odd Min – 30 sec plank hold


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