Thursday 11/28

There’s no workout for today, but instead some words of wisdom from a friend of mine.

From NCLab

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

For most of you, it will be some sort of gathering of friends, family, or both.  This is your chance…

This is your chance to sell everyone in your bloodline on constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity while eating clean and drinking Progenex Recovery.  This is your chance…your one day this year to get them all together and shove it down their throats.  Actually…it is your obligation.  Make sure you don’t talk about anything else, and you don’t leave that dinner until EVERYONE knows how fat and lazy they are…


Seriously…don’t be that guy (or girl…or bro…whatever).  Guess what?  If you follow this website and are capable of doing even SOME of these workouts…your family already thinks you are crazy.  You are already over the top and people know how hard core you are.  The only thing you gain by shoving your elite levels of fitness in the faces of the people who loved you when you used to poop your pants is alienating them and making sure that they NEVER ask for your help.  Be approachable…relax.

Speaking of relax…the Pilgrims did not sail their asses all the way over here so you could celebrate by counting your almonds and weighing your turkey.  Enjoy the day.  We train hard, it’s important to relax mentally sometimes just as much as it is physical.  Actually…why don’t you make it a goal to eat as much as you can, we can lift heavy on Friday and I promise you will feel great!


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