Wednesday 10/23

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Then 2 Min Max rep @ 75% of 3 rep max

Starting this week, Friday’s Kettlebell Club will be replaced by a Mobility class. The goal of this class is help get you into a better position, whether it be while squatting, pressing or even running. Tight muscles and tissue can limit your range of motion and decrease your ability to effectively move– ask anyone with tight shoulders about how much they enjoy the overhead squat. Just like our Barbell Club and the Kettlebell Club, this class is free to anyone with an unlimited membership.

Here are some things to keep in mind when attending the Mobility class:

  • Mobility work is intended to supplement the regular workout movements. If you have trouble getting into a good front rack position on the front squat, front squatting and actively forcing your elbows as high as you can get them (the entire time!) is the best way to improve that position. Mobilizing tight tissue that is hindering the front rack will help speed up the process.
  • It took years of living life in a limited range of motion to get your body inflexible, don’t expect one mobility class to undo the evils of your desk job. With that, this class is a guide, it’s up to you to implement these practices beyond the once a week class.
  • Expect to be uncomfortable! Just like everything else in CrossFit, you won’t make progress by being comfortable.


20 Min EMOM
Even – 20 Cal Row
Odd – 20 Push Up
Should finish with approximately 10 sec of rest each round. If not adjust numbers accordingly to start.


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