Monday 10/14

Squat Snatch @ 95/65
Chest 2 Bar Pull Up

Today’s workout is courtesy of the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regionals. The athlete featured in this video is Nicole Gordon, who finished in second place out of that Region. As you can see by her movement, the movement of the other athletes competing and even by looking at the venue where this was held, CrossFit has come a long way as far as its level of competition and showmanship. However, it would be unfair to show this four year old video of Nicole, demonstrating less than stellar technique without following up with a more current video. This is Nicole now. It’s pretty apparent that she has continued to put in time and effort into becoming a better athlete, all while raising two kids, coaching at an affiliate, traveling as a member of the Level 1 staff and has a husband in the military.

The point is, you may not be the best right now, but if you put in the effort and persevere, you will get better. These two videos also serve as a reminder to those of you more accomplished athletes that fitness is a moving target. Nicole Gordon finished 2nd in her Region in 2009 with times and scores that likely wouldn’t get her into Regionals now. Regardless if you are looking to be better at life, or to be a more competitive athlete, you have more potential than you realize, you just have to put in the work to discover it.


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