Thursday 10/10

10 Min AMRAP
12 Walking Lunge Step
6 Pull up


This Saturday’s Barbells for Boobs is right around the corner! I won’t tell you exactly what’s in the bags, but there are all sorts of fun prizes for the post-WOD raffle including items form Barbells for Boobs and CrossFit SAC swag. Tickets are $2 each and all proceeds will be donated to Barbells for Boobs. This class will be free and is open to friends and family, just please give us a heads up if you are bringing a guest. Class will be run in heats, so come in, sign up for a heat, and cheer on other heats (and wear something pink!). If you would like to donate, it’s never too late! You can donate to our CrossFit SAC page here.

Supplemental –

W – EMOM for 16 Min
Heavy Power Clean x2 touch and go

M – 1 Mile run for time. Rest 4 Min – Then… 3x400m @ mile pace. For example, if mile was 6:00 – 400m pace would be 1:30.


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