Saturday 10/5

Team 5k Row

At some point during the last two weeks you may have heard of an article titled, “CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret” about a condition known as rhabdomyolsis, know as “rhabdo” for short. Rhabdo is caused when muscle tissue breaks down rapidly, releasing protein into the blood at a high rate, which can overwhelm the kidneys, causing kidney damage and even death. It is a serious condition and it is exceedingly rare and not unique to CrossFit! Other causes of rhabdo: marathons, triathlons, extended military training sessions, crushing injuries, statin drugs.  You know how I know about rhabdo? It’s not because I have had it, or as the article implies, because CrossFit gyms routinely induce rhabdo in their members. I know about rhabdo because it is part of my training as a L1 CrossFit trainer plain and simple. Unlike the other athletic communities where rhabdo is more likely to occur, CrossFit take a proactive approach in trying to educate it’s trainers as to how to avoid it and how to spot it.

Perhaps a concerned friend or family member sent you the article with the best of intentions. Here are some articles that you can send back to them to help allay their fears:

‘Secret’ Rhabdo: CrossFit, Exercise and Risk

CrossFit Doesn’t Have a Dirty Little Secret — You’re Just Irresponsible

G – Every 2 Min perform max set of Muscle Up. 10 rounds

M – 6x100m Sprint, rest 90sec between efforts (distance is red sign to 400m turn around)


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