Tuesday 10/1

4 rounds for time:
30 Box Jump Over @ 24/20
25 KB Swing @ 53/35
20 Burpee


Today we’re releasing something new. Many of our more seasoned members have been taking advantage of Open Gym times to come in and work on improving some weaknesses. To help facilitate that process I’ve decided to try out offering what I’m calling “supplemental” work.

For the month of October, on days when Open Gym is available, we’ll have two options to choose from that are meant to be done in addition to the day’s regular WOD.

The advantage here is that since I know what’s coming up during our regular workouts, our athletes aren’t stuck wondering if they should work on their pull ups one day in Open Gym only to have something like “Angie” come along the next day.

Hopefully people will be able to take advantage of this supplemental work and will find it useful.

Oh… and if you haven’t seen it yet. Here is the CrossFit Rap video recently released.


Gymnastics – 15 Min EMOM
3 Strict Chest 2 Bar Pull up

Weightlifting – Take 15 Min to work to a heavy 3 Rep Deadlift. Then… for 20 total reps, do one rep every 30 sec. at the same load


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 10/1

  1. Is open gym open to all members? I have the 3x/wk membership. Never have been sure. Thx!

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