Wednesday 9/18

150 db deadlift @ 45/30

*Every break in DL do 5 more double under than the last break


I’ve posted the video below so that we can critique the form of this athlete.

Let’s take a look as some of the major components of this deadlift.

1- Hit set up position is too low. The hips are actually below the knees.

2- This low set up causes him to round out his back – certainly a sub-optimal movement pattern.

3- The weights are actually in front of his feet when he starts. This means the load is not in line with his center of gravity and therefore will feel heavier than it needs to.

4- The athlete bends his arms as he deadlifts the weight. Never a good idea. With a light load such as this he can get away with it, but with much more weight it will start to cause some problems.

5- He finishes by dropping the dumbells. Again, never a good idea. As some of you know these things will bounce around and have been known to come back and bite you in the shin or toe if you’re not careful. Set them down!

Ok, obviously this post is meant as a joke, but it’s also meant to highlight the inherent safety of the functional movements we perform on a daily basis. Even though this 2 year old does so many things wrong to complete his deadlift his spine doesn’t shoot out of his back and his head doesn’t explode. The movement patterns we use during CrossFit workouts are literally in our DNA and as such are relatively safe. This video is a great example of that fact.


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