Monday 9/16

3 position snatch for load
1- high hang
2- top of knee
3- floor

Upcoming Events

  • Barbells For Boobs (10/12) October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and what better way to celebrate than to slather yourself in pink and do a WOD. This is a fundraiser to provide mammograms to women in under served areas. This will be a free class, and though you don’t have to donate to participate, it would be greatly appreciated. You can create your own fundraising page and join our team here.
  • Halloween WOD (11/2) We are making sure to give you plenty of notice for this WOD because it’s going to be epic! Rent some action movies, grab your comics from your parent’s garage or even use some classic literature for reference. You’ve got some homework to do because we’re going heroes vs villains! There will be an after party as well, so load up on cheap post-Halloween goodness!
  • Thanksgiving get together (11/17) Summer and Laura will be hosting a Thanksgiving event at their house. Family members are welcome as well.

Be sure to check the Events board to stay updated on upcoming gym events, competitions in the area and social meet ups.


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