Wednesday 9/11

Deadlift 1-5-1-10-1-15


Some of you have heard me spout off one of my favorite quotes in the gym…

“Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm” Emerson

Along those lines comes this from Men’s Fitness…

Why Optimists Get Hurt Less Often

by Laura Tedesco September 9, 2013, 01:49 am EDT

One piece of protective gear you don’t want to lose: your rose-colored glasses. Optimistic athletes are less likely to become injured, and they bounce back faster if they do get hurt, according to new research from the U.K.

Glass-half-full guys may simply be more conscious of injury-prevention practices, or they may experience less stress during competition, reducing their susceptibility to injury, says study author Ross Wadey, Ph.D.

Plagued by pessimism? Try turning your negative thoughts into positive, performance-enhancing ones. If you’re feeling nervous, for example, interpret your jitters as a sign that you’re pumped up and ready to play, says Wadey.


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